Hi again.

Did I give u enough time to miss me?

If you’ve known me for a minute, you’re probably familiar with the newsletter I published semi-regularly back in 2016/2017 called Stuff You Should. Well, I’m reviving her! She’s alive!!

In the months since I let the old SYS languish (like so many other creative projects lol #yikes) I found myself reading and listening to and watching good stuff and thinking, “Dang, I wanna recommend this to some people.” Thankfully, a coworker reminded me that in addition to my social media accounts, I already created a little place to do just that. Convenient!

So Stuff You Should will be back later this month, and on Substack this time, like every other newsletter you read. If you subscribed previously, the refreshed and rejuvenated version will slide into your inbox like it never left. If you’re new, I promise not to waste (much) of your time. Either way, thanks for reading! I love u.